One stop shop

Unburdening is of paramount importance. With every request we hand you a total price for design and placement up to removal. No surprises afterwards. We like to think along with you in the design and possibilities. If necessary, we take an extra step. This includes supervising permit applications or coordinating placement with third parties.

Personal service

We do not use strict protocols but look at the possibilities and the talents of our employees. We get the most out of each other, are open, personal and most important; enthusiastic. With these characteristics, we are ready to provide our clients with customized advice on a daily basis.


We are located wherever our clients are. With projects from Holland to Belgium, Germany, France and even Dubai or UK, we are not limited to kilometers. Regardless of the location, we aim for the best result!

Customized design

Whether working with a corporate identity or developing a new design: our creative DTP department has extensive experience. A retail sign is designed with as much dedication as a mobile exhibition. The team is continuously looking for new ideas and strong texts.


Safety comes first for us. We control all processes and train our staff in a safe way. Our executive employees are certified and know exactly how to act to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From printing our products to assembling and dismantling them. In addition, we are familiar with the safety requirements in the industries that we serve.

Quick delivery

Because we have the entire production and installation process in-house, we are very flexible. We print, assemble and build the Trotters in The Hague. Every day our colleagues spread Trotters throughout Europe with very efficient planning and with our own cranes.