About Trotter.eu

Temporary outdoor advertising is our specialty. We are developer of a product that was successful from day one. A Pioneer with the innovative mobile billboard Trotter as seen in the video in which a nation wide project of a Mazda Campaign in Belgium is presented on Trotters. A project we are proud of!

We are experienced in various industries and have the drive to innovate continuously. We continue to grow and seize opportunities with both hands. And yet remain critical at al times. Maintaining focus is essential in a successful company!

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Our team; DNA of the company

Our company flourishes with enthusiasm. At Trotter.eu we have enthusiastic and experienced people. We are known for that and are looking forward to it every day. We are also proud of each other and our products. Every day we challenge each other and ourselves to make beautiful things. Every employee uses his or her talents where necessary. Because we are proud of Trotter.eu!


Let’s work together for great success

Thank you for being interested in working with us. Trotter.eu is a company that  cannot be easily compared with other companies. The Trotter has proved to be the best solution for outdoor advertising. Officially established in 2012, Trotter.eu is a subsidiary of Imagebuilding.com. A Dutch company that created the first industrialized mobile billboard. After a succes in the Netherlands, the Trotter is ready to cross borders and start growing internationally. The billboard is now available in several countries thanks to local partners and new branches. Sounds great right? So let’s get in touch and learn to know each other!