Sustainability as a leading theme

Sustainability is the origin of We continuously strive to make the production process more and more sustainable. Nearly all materials we use in the production of Trotters are recyclable, which means that this product can be seen as socially responsible. In addition, we don’t produce a disposable product, but a sustainable alternative with a long service life. With this in mind, the mobile billboards were born. Because production takes place in-house, CO2 emissions can be reduced and unnecessary transport from abroad can be saved. Our business model is in sharing our products in averse to selling them. This benefits the world trend of circular economy.


Eco-friendly material

The lifespan of the Trotter is very long. This ensures that the environment is burdened as little as possible. The billboards consist of various materials, including steel and hard plastic. Plastic is lightweight, which results in lower CO2 emissions during transportation. Beyond that it is very sturdy, so damage and product loss can easily be prevented. In addition, plastic is easily recyclable, so new products can be made every time.

The storage hall where the Trotters are stored is equipped with ‘smart’ LED-lighting. This means that the lighting detects movement and will automatically turn on where needed. The system also switches the lighting off when no movement is detected.


Our waste

We have several sustainable inserts for our canvases. For example, we work together with various foundations that reuse our remaining canvases. We don’t throw anything away! On your permission of course.

As a company we have the ability to care for people who need to get a little help now and then. Take our cooperation project with Hope Made as an example: Mijn Buuf made over 100 (hand) bags out of used Trotter canvases. Of course, clients can get the canvases with their expressions for recycling purposes. In addition, we are currently testing with environmentally friendly biodegradable material. So it is only a matter of time until this becomes the new standard.