Project Description

Outdoor advertising campaign Summerdrive

Peugeot uses Trotters for their Summerdrive campaign

Outdoor advertising Summerdrive Campaign

Launch of the new Summerdrive Campaign

Peugeot Nederland

Various Trotter Large Landscape & Trotter Medium Landscape

Project Description: has been commissioned to roll out the Summerdrive campaign to various Peugeot dealers through the Netherlands. The expression used in the campaign is the same at every location, making the advertisement uniformly visible throughout the country. This benefits branding purposes and recognisability.

Temporary outdoor campaign

There will always be a reason to address a large group of people. Whether it’s branding, a model launch, a promotion or an event. Tell your story in and around the location, while maintaining the correct corporate identity.

An inventory is made of the location before providing a tailor-made advice. We take a look at your campaign image whether or not this image is suitable for an outdoor advertising campaign. If necessary, our DTP department will design a suitable expression for you. After approval, the order will be taken into production. The canvases are printed and our engineers then ensure that the expressions are carefully assembled on site.

outdoor advertising campaign peugeot
outdoor advertising campaign peugeot
outdoor advertising campaign peugeot

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